When You Just Can’t Wait For A Regular Dental Appointment

There are cases when you simply know that you can’t wait a week or two for the next available slot. You need care now! Either you’re in a great deal of pain, or your everyday life is impacted to an unacceptable degree because of an issue with your mouth, gums, or teeth. Any of these instances qualifies as an emergency, and you are correct in seeking care at an emergency dental clinic.

To Alleviate Pain

Perhaps the top reason patients seek care at an emergency clinic is to alleviate pain. The type of pain can vary, from dull and throbbing to sharp and constant, for example. Regardless, pain is pain, and one of the primary services offered by an emergency dentist is stopping the intense discomfort you may be feeling.

Once the pain is under control, it becomes easier to assess what the problem is and what the next step may be. Your emergency dental care provider may opt to perform treatment right away, may first need to do exploratory work, or may send you home with pain management medications and schedule you in for a more routine (or perhaps more comprehensive) procedure in a week or so. With pain under control, you can likely get back to your daily life and come back at a later date for additional treatment.

To Repair Damage

If there is significant damage from an injury that simply can’t wait another day, make an appointment with an emergency dental clinic. Damage could be a tooth that’s been chipped or cracked and is hurting you quite a bit. It could be a split-open lip caused by careening into someone during sports. It could be any number of dental or mouth-related damage scenarios that need to be tended to right away. Your emergency dental care dentist will know what to do; all you have to do is find someone to give you a ride to the clinic!

A Knocked Out Tooth

A tooth that’s been knocked out of its socket needs immediate attention. Whether it has fallen out completely or is still in place (barely), the tooth has a significantly higher chance of being saved if you seek emergency dental help right away. Don’t delay; go to the emergency dental clinic nearest you!

Uncontrolled Gum Or Mouth Bleeding

Gums sometimes bleed a little, especially after vigorous brushing, or after you’ve bitten something especially crunchy or with sharp edges. However, bleeding from the gums or any part of your mouth that just won’t stop is cause for concern. Seek emergency dental care right away.

A Dislodged Crown

Crowns are designed to be strong, durable, and permanent. Even though, occasionally a crown gets dislodged. For most people, it’s not possible to eat or continue with one’s weekly routine when there’s a loose crown inside their mouth. For this reason, a dislodged crown is viewed as an emergency that needs attention right away, whether or not there is any associated pain, or the pain is mild.

For Your Family’s Emergency Dental Care Needs

At White Smiles Family Dentistry in Spring Lake Park, we offer a full range of dental care services for your whole family, from cleanings and fillings to dental veneers and implants. We also see patients who are experiencing dental emergencies. In an emergency, we can offer the following services:

  • Pain Mitigation: Getting your pain under control quickly
  • Damage Repair: Tending to your broken teeth or mouth wounds right away
  • Reseating Crowns: Finding acceptable temporary solutions while a new permanent crown is made
  • Bleeding Control: Stopping any oral bleeding that is ongoing and you can’t get under control
  • Salvaging A Tooth: Doing everything possible to save a knocked-out tooth
  • Additional Services: As needed on a case-by-case basis

If you or a family member is experiencing a dental emergency, don’t delay! Get in touch with White Smiles Family Dentistry right away. You do not need to suffer through the pain, especially if it’s throbbing or intense in any way, when the simple solution is to pick up the phone and call us, or have a trusted friend or family member make the call for you. Our dental care team is here to assist you with your dental emergency and get you the help you need.