Gum treatments require a diligent yet gentle approach, and the dentists at White Smiles Family Dentistry in Spring Lake Park, MN, have the right training, experience, and character to deliver top-quality periodontal care. If left untreated, your sore gums can get worse, leading to advanced gum disease that is more painful and more difficult to treat. If your gums are giving you problems, don’t wait; make an appointment with the teeth and gum specialists at White Smiles Family Dentistry. In fact, we’re here for all your family’s dental care needs, whether routine, cosmetic, or emergency. For quality, compassionate care, reach out to our family dentistry clinic today!

  1. What To Do When You Need Periodontal Care In Spring Lake Park

    Do your gum hurts? Are they giving you trouble? These are signs that you may need periodontal care. Let’s review what qualifies as periodontal care and what you can do if you need it here in Spring Lake Park, MN. What Is Periodontal Care? This is the type of care that a dental professional deliver…Read More

  2. How Do I Know If I Need Gum Treatment?

    What Is Gum Disease? Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is present when the tissues that surround your teeth have become inflamed and infected. These tissues have an important job to do; they help hold your teeth in place, and they create a seal to prevent bacteria and other invaders fro…Read More