Every child is unique, and we can’t give a definitive answer to this question without first examining your child’s teeth, but the general answer is that family cosmetic dentistry can benefit many children. Here are several ways cosmetic dentistry may help your child.

Repairing Chipped Teeth

Kids run and play, and with such active lives, mishaps occasionally happen. Something we deal with regularly at our family dental care facility are chipped teeth, particularly in kids and teens who are active in athletics or in general.

A chipped tooth often can be repaired through a cosmetic dentistry procedure called bonding. Filling material is bonded directly to the tooth’s enamel, reconstructing the chipped tooth to restore its look and functionality. It’s a fairly quick procedure that’ll get your child back on track in hardly any time at all! The procedure typically takes about a half hour, although it can be a little longer, and it’s effective not only for chipped teeth, but also for teeth that are cracked or misshapen.

Dental Veneers

If your child or teenager has teeth that are discolored, cracked, misproportioned, or irregular in some way, a viable option may be dental veneers. These are thin ceramic sheets of tooth-like material that are attached directly to the front of existing teeth. The benefits of dental veneers are that they look like natural teeth, yet they can cover up any discrepancies that are making your child feel self-conscious, including gaps and shape, color, or texture irregularities.

Orthodontics And Aligners

It’s very common for kids and teens to wear braces and aligners. These dental appliances are designed to reshape teeth to a straighter, more uniform look, and to restore misaligned bites that might be making it challenging for your child to eat or speak. Metal braces are one option; nearly invisible appliances that can be removed daily for easy cleaning and greater comfort are also available. Check with our office to see what types of orthodontics and aligners your child might benefit from.

Porcelain Crowns

There are instances where a baby tooth decays to the degree that a porcelain crown would be beneficial, so it’s not unusual to find children who have crowns. A dental crown is also known as a cap. Its purpose is to replace the functionality, strength, and appearance of a damaged tooth to make it easier to bite and chew. If your child’s back teeth are significantly decayed, your family dentist may bring up crowns as a possible solution.

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