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Over time, a tooth can decay, break, or chip. This leaves you with a tooth that doesn’t (or several teeth that don’t) function properly. You may find yourself smiling less as a result, and finding it a challenge to eat, talk, or enjoy social interactions. When you don’t feel confident about your smile, you can experience unnecessary pain and even withdrawal from activities you once enjoyed.

The solution can be as simple as a new porcelain crown. Here’s what a new crown can do for you:

  • It can boost your confidence and restore your mouth’s and teeth’s functionality.
  • Regardless of the manner in which your tooth was lost, whether from decay or trauma, a crown can restore the look and function of the lost tooth.
  • It acts like a hat or a cap, with the root of your tooth intact and the crown fit over what is left of the visible part of your tooth.
  • The result is a beautiful smile and restored confidence, along with a desire to once again take part in all that you enjoyed doing before your tooth was affected!

A crown made of porcelain works and acts like your natural teeth, and we can match both the texture and color of your other teeth for a uniform look.

An Excellent, Long-lasting Solution For Many

Porcelain crowns provide a fairly permanent solution and create a seamless smile. They are attached with a resin and activated with a curing light. With the right care, they can even last a lifetime.

When it comes to crowns, you have a number of options available. They include gold, ceramic, and stainless steel. Your dentist at White Smiles Family Dentistry in Spring Lake Park will go over these and other options with you. In our experience, we see that porcelain crowns are typically superior to other crowns, and we’ll be happy to share why with you.

We offer a five-year guarantee for your peace of mind, and our friendly staff strives to put you at ease. At our caring dental facility, each of us is living the dream, helping patients like you feel more confident with a beautiful smile!

If you’re ready to get your smile back, reach out to us. Make an appointment today for your dental consultation here in our comfortable Spring Lake Park office.

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